Work Issues

Topics in this section

Work/Study Conflicts

Workplace issues, could include:

  • shifts that don’t work, such as:
    • early mornings,
    • late nights,
    • clashes with scheduled study commitments,
  • finding time for assignments and study
  • negotiating schedules around exams and study vacation.

How to Help

  • If work issues are impacting on study, then working through the study issues with the friend may be helpful (so refer to the Study Issues section).
  • Have they considered swapping shifts just to get through the crisis?
  • Are they in a position to give up a shift altogether just to get on top of the work?
  • Help build confidence in your friend to be able to talk to their boss/manager/supervisor at work. Firstly identify what the request is (what you are wanting from your boss). Secondly, rehearsing it with their friend as to how they might say it, without getting angry or upset. Practice staying calm and in control.
  • If they are getting very run down and worn out then perhaps they can consider getting medical advice.

Preventing further issues

  • Help them to plan in advance – well in advance. When they have their study schedule try and identify times when there will be peak high demand because of assignments, study etc and see if you can negotiate with your boss to have less shifts in those periods and more at other times.
  • If the paid work is important, i.e. they need to support themselves, then encourage them to get into study groups that help them through the course, assignments, tutorials, etc.
  • Student services can sometimes provide crisis financial support.