Study Issues

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There are times when the workload just seems overwhelming. There are various things that can be done to help a person:

    • Tell them they are not alone! Others are also feeling this way.
    • Form a study group to work on completing all the work. The contributions of two or more people are better than working as an individual.
    • Set a study plan of what you want to do each week, and then map out how you will do this within the week. Always allow some time for the unexpected in a week. You will be surprised where extra time can be found. Even travel time can be used to catch up on study. Review this each week and set the plan for the next week.
    • If there are exams in the course, look at past exam papers to get a feel for what is required and the level.
    • By keeping to a plan even when feeling overwhelmed it is possible to get back on top of the workload.