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Travelling for Study

In some tertiary institutions there can be many campuses spread across a wide area. This can be tricky if some of your friend’s subjects are across campuses and they are travelling between them. Unfortunately, tutes and lectures can get cancelled for a variety of reasons and if someone has spent 2 hours travelling to a 1 hour tute then it is VERY very annoying. In some instances it is really tempting to pick subjects that are on a convenient campus rather than the preferred subject that is on a distant campus. Some things you might like to remind your friend about are:

    • At universities, there are usually only 28 weeks of classes in a year.
    • If you don’t do the subject that interests you it is a lot harder to get motivated to study.
    • If you don’t do the subject that interests you, you could be working in an area you don’t really like for your working career.