Study Issues

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Issues with a particular course

Your friend may be finding the course difficult and they may indicate that they are not enjoying it.

It may be they are in the wrong course and just don’t want to do this program of study any more. You can help them by:

  • Talking through  the positives and negatives about the current course and weighing up the evidence.
  • Talking through their preferred options – what would they really like to do?
  • Encouraging them to complete this current course even if it is not what they want to do. If they plan to change study areas, they might get credit for courses completed.
  • Encouraging them to see a careers advisor about options – this might include options at another university – go with them as a support person and discuss all the information afterwards.
  • Listening and supporting them as they anguish over whether to change or not – this is often a big decision for your friend and in some cases their families.
  • Reassuring them that your friendship goes beyond study – your friend might be worried about losing the friends they have developed in their current course.