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Social Abuse

This typically occurs when there is a group of people and could occur in tutorial settings or when out in a social setting. It would be best described as the collective abuse by a group, and we would often first recognise this as the embarrassment we feel in these social settings. But it can be much stronger than this. It will be seen in the following ways

    • It could be ongoing disparaging comments by a group about an individual
    • It could be the planned alienation of a group member from the rest of the group whether this is a tutorial, practical or social group.
    • Intentionally embarrassing a person in front of others
    • Ensuring other people see a person in a poor or unkind way

How to help a friend

    • Listen to their problem and help them work out a plan to address this situation.
    • Help your friend try and identify the primary source of the social abuse. Your friend may then be able to meet with this person rather than feel they are having to see a whole group.
    • The solution may require some professional help especially if it is occurring in formal settings, such as tutorials. Your friend may need your support in talking to their tutor or a course coordinator.