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Financial Abuse

This is probably best described as a person having access to another’s finance without the approval or consent of that individual, or withholding money from someone as a form of control. It could occur in a variety of ways:

    • Taking money or personal property from a person. For example, regularly taking another person’s change from a vending machine and keeping it would be seen as financial abuse
    • A person who borrows money regularly with no intention of repaying back the amount
    • Through coercion where the person feels forced to hand money to another individual
    • A person who uses money as a means of controlling another person’s behaviour (e.g. preventing them from going out or obtaining essential items)

How to help your friend

    • Help them to recognise that this is a form of abuse, and to possibly avoid the situations where this is occurring.
    • Ask them if they have discussed this with the person and that they don’t want this to continue. You can help your friend work out how to have this conversation.
    • It may be that the person who is involved in this form of abuse also needs help and so having this discussion with them is very important.