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Cultural Abuse

A person could feel they are receiving abuse primarily because of their cultural background (see also Racism and Discrimination). Cultural abuse can be an outcome of discrimination and harassment, and it can take different forms including emotional, psychological or social abuse. It may be evident through

    • Prejudice in what is said
    • Dislike of a person based on their culture or background
    • Discrimination in activities and not having the opportunity to contribute equally
    • Bullying of person based on culture, beliefs or values
    • Unreasonable verbal abuse using offensive cultural language.

How to help a friend

    • Reassure your friend that abuse of this type is not acceptable and that there is considerable support to help in these situations.
    • Listen to your friend and work with them to see what is the best way forward to address this abuse.
    • Your friend may need your support in discussing this with others including professionals who are experienced in helping in these situations. Help your friend by finding out what support is available to help them.