Health and Disability

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Injury and Illness

Unfortunately things can just happen in life, such as getting sick or injured. If your friend is dealing with illness or injury then this can cause distress – often there can be additional stress because it might be putting them behind in terms of their studies.

Take the time to allow them to talk about their concerns.

Illness and Studying

Suggest to your friend that they contact their subject lecturers and co-ordinators to tell them about their situation (your friend doesn’t necessarily have to give the details of the illness or injury) but indicate that it has caused so many days of absence and so many days of difficulties in terms of studying. They might be able to indicate how it will impact them for the rest of the course etc. Indicating that a health professional has been consulted might also help their case. It is best to have these discussions before deadlines or exams, rather than after.

Another option is to suggest to your friend that they approach your institutions student services or welfare officers who might be able to give guidance about the study options, for example, if it is a significant illness or injury.

You could offer to accompany your friend to these meetings if it makes them feel more comfortable.