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Academic Assistance

There are lots of things we can do to help our colleagues/friends with their studies, and this is a good strategy when a mental health problem may be limiting their capacity to organise or engage with their studies. Sometimes it could simply be anxiety about an approaching exam but if that anxiety is of a high level then they will be unable to do the necessary work to get through the exam. If this anxiety is affecting many other aspects of a person’s life then this is more of a problem.

If your friend has a lot on their plate they might be finding it difficult to concentrate. So you could try some of the following:

  • if you are working in groups, you could try redistributing some of the workload to help a colleague
  • help plan a timetable
  • gives some tips on resources for the task
  • study together
  • debrief after an exam/ test
  • discuss a difficult topic to clarify issues

These are some of the things tertiary students have done:

“talking with them about our concerns, helping solve question, debriefing after exams/assessments. Coffee breaks! Lending a shoulder/ear”


“started a study group in order to cover an area in which we struggled”